ICT Information and Communication Technology

ICT Information and communication technology have importance in our life with companies that can make business easier to happen with clients, suppliers, and distributors. It is very important in our daily lives. The right time with the appropriate information, the lack of low productivity will result in low-quality research works, and waste of time, information search, and even, in fact, others, or to other countries, which was to do research. 

Nowadays it's very popular on this online platform. ICT has a great impact on our daily lives. For example, we can read our local newspapers using online newspapers. Another example is when we are abroad, electronic mail, yahoo messenger, call, conference, or video conference using is, even if we are still in our family, relatives, or colleagues with that can. 

Because the concept of our economy in the economy with no boundaries of digital computers and networking time and space have changed. This brings a lot of advantages for active economic development in the millions of transactions that occur in a simple and fast way. 

ICT Information and Communication Technology

ICT in Technology Operation 

This is one of the pillars of economic development to gain a national competitive advantage. It is a teaching and Learning Media that can be used as it is because people's quality of life can improve the real and important issues, promotions and campaigns, mass communication media, such as health and social areas. 

It provides greater knowledge and can help achieve and access information. ICT has become an integral part of everyday life for many people. It's in people's lives, its importance is increased, and this trend will continue, as the ICT rate of people working for a functional, necessary, will be the amount that the social and personal life. 

Teachers use ICT in teaching and learning to add value to learning effectiveness while enhancing or learning that adds a dimension that was not previously available. ICT can be a significant motivational factor in students 'learning and can support students' engagement with collaborative learning. 

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) computing and communication devices around its current and emerging citizens' valuable knowledge and skills to teach are basically our society's efforts, their management software that with them, that are manufactured them, and the system to run the app. 

Communication in Technology System 

Indeed, we are living in a constantly evolving digital world. ICT has an impact on almost every aspect of our lives - from learning, socializing work to the game. The digital age has transformed the way young people communicate, network, help, seek access information, and learn. 

We must recognize that young people now have an online population and access is through a variety of means such as computers, TV, and mobile phones. It is this premise that educational technology and e-learning or education, technology, home, students, educators, by IS used, since outside of the classroom is to teach the school, business, and other settings. 

Education is a veritable tool for human liberation from ignorance, poverty, and deprivation. The issue of giving access to education through distance learning has, therefore, achieved unprecedented prominence. 

There is no doubt that distance education gradually the world's ever-growing demand for suitable alternative solutions by providing a competitive terrain through its' way to find out is, especially in developing countries. 

It thus provides easy access to education. Human capital development objectives are not only possible through Face mode to face conventional. Distance education process quality III is an effective complement and complementary initiative to create greater accessibility to education. 

Distance learning has the potential of making marginal students accessible education in all countries. It is an affordable way for students to meet their families' financial, social and educational commitments. 

Technology Using Your Life 

The use of education technology is one of the major trends in education reform all over the world. The process of integrating technology into learning and learning is widely perceived as a great resource in reform. The use of information and communication technology especially because it is provided online (ICT) to assist in the achievement of fast learning distance. 

Distance learning concept is the essence of teachers and students from each other, most of the time the individual is a distance from his students, the instructional delivery mode, a few held on minimal communication sessions without time. 

It is, thus, otherwise, such opportunities were not many who would for education, access creates because the seriously increased level of it being given informs this essence. ICT's print includes media, audio-visual method, multimedia or interaction television, cable, microwave, satellite surge, and fiber optics. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) have a positive impact on learning in this model. In this article, I explained two of these effects. 

First, digital education, mixed media, student knowledge (paper a mixture of USB sticks, DVDs, e-books, etc.) provide video conference students to communicate with, and asynchronously via email, such as Facebook and Twitter as the social network, including the technology, using a mixture of students score proficient helpers. Speakers can chat with students online and offline. 

He/she is mobile learning, the probability of absorption can be (m-learning) SMS texts through - bulk or Group SMS, closed user group and phone links. Second, television and video recording distance have a great impact on education. 

Personal computers and the internet with this technology, students at a distance to learn the way to reintroduce, and virtual classroom and Library Development have helped. Students can hence view recorded lectures in the form of CD and DVD, they don't have to worry about missing any live interactions. It reinforces understanding as learners can go through the content taught at their own convenience. 

This effect, from technology, so accurately his clientele to meet the needs of providers, the ability to strengthen her for the opportunity to widen the distance education should be integrated. 

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